Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now I remember why I wanted to blog...

Sometimes one just needs to vent a little.   So here I go:

I got into work this afternoon after being out of the shop for the last two days.  I was well rested and ready to start another week at Hair.Comb.  I love my salon and most of my customers.  I still look forward to starting another weekafter I've had a resting weekend.  So soon after I got the lights on, coffee started, irons warmed up, towels out of the car and into the shelves, I began "turning heads", ( for those of you unfamiliar with the hair biz,  thats barber & hairstylist jargon for working on customers).   What a beautiful day it was turning out to be.   I was scheduled just right...not too busy,   not too slow.  Just me and my customers... a rather quiet day actually,  Sandy was off babysitting her grandies,  Rujen was working in late afternoon, Cathy was off and likewise with Teresa... So it was just me and my customers.   Getting quieter by the hour. It usually starts ramping up, but  the storm was on its way and the sky was getting darker.   I was rather enjoying the slow pace of the day.  Then I realized the phones hadn't rang all afternoon.   I picked up the phone and there was no dial tone.  About that time, one of my friends stopped in to tell me they had been trying to call me for the last 3 hours to no avail.   I couldn't receive calls and I couldn't call out.    I immediately got on my cell and called the beloved AT & T.   After 45 minutes of pushing buttons and still not talking to a real person, I get a message that I will have my phones back in working order by the end of the working day FRIDAY !!!
Unbelievable.   How does one run a hair salon with no phone for 4 days?    I spent another 45 minutes trying to get to talk to a supervisor or anyone who might listen to my problem and maybe be of some help.    Nope, that wasn't going to happen.  Still had to push buttons and wait on the line, etc. etc.   You all know what I'm talking about. 
The real problem is not just the fact that the business now has to run on it's past bookings for the next few days and I can't communicate with my business phone,  but  I can't use my charge machine, I can't receive cancellations,  I can't book appointments.  I'm sort of screwed really. 
It's hard to believe that a telephone company cannot see the urgency of another  business to have their telephones working.   As soon as I get AT&T to fix this problem,  I'm going to fire them.       So there you have it.   Now,  I feel better already.

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