Saturday, October 30, 2010

Got phones?

Yes !   I finally have the phones at Hair.Comb back up and working.   A really nice guy named "Mel".    Don't you just hate it when someone is so kind and gentle (not to mention competent) that it just takes all the mad out of you.    I finally had a real person representing AT&T that I could take out my frustrations on and he just ruined it.   He really diffused me and that was no minor thing, I must say.     Oh well,   all's well that ends well I guess.   I'm still looking for a resolution to my phone issues.   If it happens one more time,  then I'm truly going to take my business elsewhere.  AT&T must realize that even a 3 day wait for phone service in a business like mine is completely unacceptable.      Well that's all for now.   Gotta get to bed and back to the shop early tomorrow.   Saturday ya know.   A few weekly regulars and alot of monthly colors and cuts.  
Yesterday, a customer was complaining about the smell of a perm that one of the older ladies was getting.   I replied that it "smelled like money to me".   That's probably not a good business move, know, being a smart aleck...but it comes so natural to me so I stick with what I'm good at, and not necessarily with what works.
And speaking of smelly old perms....I really do love the stinky old reminds me of when the money was easy to make in the salon. Yep, I really miss the late 70's and 80's.   That was easy money....Just curl em up and send them out.   No blow dry,  no irons, maybe just get that bang in the front to stand up with a bit of hairspray,  (remember "mall bangs"?) but no real fussing with the finish.  It was easy money.   Now we spend more time on the finish than we do on the chemical service or the cuts.    AAAARRGH!!  The customers even used to go out of the shop with their hair still was a great time for hairdressers....easy money....those days are gone.  I really do miss the 70's and 80's. 

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  1. All I have to say is you might have made a lot of $$$ in the 70's & 80's but, there's no friends like those of today. + I like your haircuts, color, style, blown or otherwise, a lot!